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17 Oct Introducing the SpeedBox!
Andrew 0 1096
Just a quick post to introduce to you to the SpeedBox for CineValue-5 and ProSpeed 4-LITE LED Dimmers.The first device that makes the ProSpeed 4-LITE and CineValue-5 dimmers Class 1 compliant by enclo..
13 Apr The Ferrule Advantages
Andrew 0 1227
Ferrules are a great way to consistently prevent frayed stranded wire ends but did you know they offer many other advantages to bare ends and solder tinned ends?Aside from easier identification the fe..
14 Sep Swisson XND Web Interface
Andrew 0 2387
Welcome to our introduction to the Swisson XND Ethernet to DMX node's web interface that was introduced in the March 31, 2020 firmware update (v1.03). Further refinements to the web interface were add..
18 May How the Flux?
Andrew 0 2316
Using flux is extremely important when soldering connections for several reasons. Most importantly the flux will clean your solder joints and help to eliminate oxidation. Flux will also help to “wet o..
Andrew 0 2329
We are sure that everybody out there is tired of hearing about what companies are doing in response to COVID-19, frankly so are we because most of the information is pretty irrelevant. So to keep it s..
28 Jan LED Segment Repair
Andrew 0 2880
In this tutorial we are going to show you how to quickly and easily replace a dead series segment in the centre of a LED ribbon.LED Ribbons are made up of sections of series circuits connected to each..
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