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ProSpeed 4-LITE DMX LED Dimmer

ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
Core Product
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE image
ProSpeed 4-LITE DMX LED Dimmer
  • Brand: Project SSSHH
  • Model: PS4-LITE
  • Ship Weight: 485.00g
  • Ship Dimensions: 7.50in x 3.75in x 1.88in

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The ProSpeed 4-LITE DMX LED Dimmer

The ProSpeed 4-LITE is a high speed flicker-free LED Dimmer, which offers extremely low and stable output levels. Controllable via DMX-512A protocol, or manually, the ProSpeed 4-LITE also supports Remote Device Management (RDM) when connected to a RDM capable controller using RDM capable infrastructure.

The ProSpeed 4-LITE software was designed in Canada, with a focus on the film, television and entertainment industries. It offers flicker-free performance up to 200fps on a rolling shutter camera, while still maintaining a smooth dimmer curve. The ProSpeed 4-LITE beats the competition by achieving extremely low output levels, while still maintaining a stable flicker-free output.

Our Digital Smoothing System (DSS) has a default persistence setting in 4-channel mode that gives you a buttery smooth dimming curve while still being able to maintain fast changes for strobe effects and quick chases. A further 5-channel personality unlocks a DSS channel which is variably controllable via DMX, giving your DMX programmer the ultimate in smoothing control.

Software additions include troubleshooting tools that offer DMX readout, as well as an easy to access manual mode and built in chasers makes troubleshooting connected components and data systems easy. The direct access manual control mode means the dimmer can be easily used as a stand alone dimmer. Manual mode retains the last settings and the unit will power back up in manual mode is it was the last mode the dimmer was set to.

Hardware modifications include removable 7.62mm (32.5 amp rated) plug-able terminal strips, which are included with every dimmer and externally accessible mini-ATO fuses.

Similar looking dimmers are on the market, but none have the ProSpeed software or hardware modifications which are in the ProSpeed 4-LITE. Make no mistake, the difference is visible!

The ProSpeed 4-LITE has tested camera safe at maximum frame rates on the Arri 65, Arri Alexa, Arri Alexa Mini and RED camera systems. We do however suggest performing camera tests at the frame-rates you will be shooting with, but we are confident that you will enjoy the flicker-free and trouble free performance.


The SpeedBox completely closes the connector end of the ProSpeed 4-LITE dimmer making it a completely certified Class 1 device.

SpeedBoxes come separately and are made to easily retrofit on existing systems without removing connectors.The SpeedBox can also be opened easily for troubleshooting purposes by removing only two thumbscrews.

For further information on the SpeedBox for PS4-LITE, please contact us.

Power Input / Output
Power Input12vDC to 24vDC
Power Consumption (Typ.)32a Maximum
Power Output12vDC to 24vDC (Vin = Vout)
Data Input / Output
DMX InputXLR-5 or RJ-45 (use only one input)
DMX OutputXLR-5 or RJ-45 | Not isolated (use only one output)
RDM EnabledYES - with enhanced features
LED Dimmer Specifications
Dimming TypeHigh Frequency PWM for Constant Voltage LED
Power Input Connector6-pin molex connector or 2-conductor 7.62mm plugable terminal strip (included)
Power Output Connector5-conductor 7.62mm plugable terminal strip (included)
Output Channels4
Maximum Amps/Channel8a maximum
Output ProtectionMini-ATO Fuse (10a recommended)
Control TypeDMX-512A
Shipping Dimensions and Weights
Weight (Typ.)485 grams
Electrical Certifications

QPS LPC75237-1

  • UL8750 - UL Standard for Safety of Light Emitting Diode Equipment for use in Lighting Products -Third Edition
  • CSA C22.2 No. 250.13-17 - Light Emitting Diode Equipment for Lighting Applications - Second Edition

Core Product
Inventory Core ProductYES
ProSpeed_4-LITE_Manual_FW_3.2.pdf425.64KB Download
ProSpeed 4-LITE Manual v3.2 - Firmware_3.5.pdf541.17KB Download
SPEEDBOX-PS4 Manual v1.pdf612.01KB Download
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