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Data Distribution

Lighting Control Distribution by DMX, ArtNET and sACN

Brand: Swisson Model: XSR
The Swisson XSR Series RDM and DMX Opto-Splitters use optical isolation to completely isolate and boost both DMX and RDM signals. The isolation prevents signal disturbances on separate outputs from affecting other outputs or travelling back through to the input signal connectors.Each isolating devic..
from $950.00
Brand: Swisson Model: XPD-28
The Swisson XPD-28 Opto-Splitter can split and isolate two (2) separate universes of DMX and RDM data to any of its eight (8) optically isolated outputs. While splitting the DMX and RDM data the XPD-28 also boosts and refreshes the data signals in real-time.The XPD-28 is completely is compatible wit..
Brand: Swisson Model: XND
The Swisson XND series Ethernet nodes can convert four (4) or eight (8) universes of Ethernet to DMX protocols into DMX depending on the model. Quickly distribute multiple universes of DMX to locations using one Ethernet cable over Art-Net or sACN. Art-Net versions 1 through 4 are supported by the X..
from $1,095.00
Brand: Swisson Model: XES-2T6
The Swisson XES-2T6 is a managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch designed specifically for the entertainment industry. It dedicates two ports to aggregated high throughput redundant trunk lines between switches. Port aggregation enables the two ports to share their bandwidth between switches to incr..
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