Just a quick post to introduce to you to the SpeedBox for CineValue-5 and ProSpeed 4-LITE LED Dimmers.

The first device that makes the ProSpeed 4-LITE and CineValue-5 dimmers Class 1 compliant by enclosing the DC pluggable headers in a steel enclosure.

They are quick and easy to install onto both styles of LED dimmer by removing two of the mounting screws and two or three of the case screws depending on the model of dimmer. Simply remove those screws, slip the SpeedBox into place and replace the case and mounting screws. You are then ready to slip on the box connectors and push your wires into their installation holes. The SpeedBox lid then slips onto two of the thumbscrews by way of guide tracks and then tighten and install the remaining thumbscrews.

The box connectors are designed to slip over existing wire assemblies so that you don't have to remove your connectors in order to install the SpeedBox.