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Swisson XND Series Ethernet DMX Nodes

Swisson XND Series Ethernet DMX Nodes
Swisson XND Series Ethernet DMX Nodes
Swisson XND Series Ethernet DMX Nodes
Swisson XND Series Ethernet DMX Nodes
Swisson XND Series Ethernet DMX Nodes
Swisson XND Series Ethernet DMX Nodes
Swisson XND Series Ethernet DMX Nodes
  • Brand: Swisson
  • Model: XND
  • Ship Weight: 1.10kg
  • Ship Dimensions: 252.00mm x 133.00mm x 44.50mm
  • SKU: XND

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The Swisson XND series Ethernet nodes can convert four (4) or eight (8) universes of Ethernet to DMX protocols into DMX depending on the model. Quickly distribute multiple universes of DMX to locations using one Ethernet cable over Art-Net or sACN. Art-Net versions 1 through 4 are supported by the XND series devices, as well as the sACN release and draft versions.

The XND series Ethernet nodes now support RDM over Art-Net, allowing for bi-directional communication between RDM enabled controllers and RDM enabled devices.
All of the XND device’s outputs are optically isolated from each other, and the XND units offer the same robust build quality as all of the other Swisson products. These devices are built tough to survive a life of hard work in the studio or on the road.

The OLED display and metal push button rotary encoder allow for quick and easy use of the configuration menus. Each port’s settings are also quickly accessible by using the output port button, then changing the settings using the screen and encoder.

The XND series nodes can merge multiple controls streams using Highest Takes Precedence (HTP), Latest Takes Precedence (LTP) or Merging can be completely turned off. Merging currently only works for two concurrent controllers, and the merging type can be set for each port individually.

XND series nodes can be set to either “Hold Last Look” or to stop outputting DMX if there are no data updates received for a specific universe for 10 seconds.

XND Device firmware updates can be found on the Swisson product page under the Downloads tab.

Power Input / Output
Power Input100-240V, 50/60Hz via PowerCON (Cable assembly included.)
Power Consumption (Typ.)7W | 10W (Double Rack-mount)
Power Outputvia PowerCON connector
Data Input / Output
Ethernet Input1 via EtherCON connector
DMX Output4 XLR-5 on XND-4B5 | XND-4R5 and 8 XLR-5 on XND-8R5 (XLR-3 or RJ-45 devices are available, contact us for more information.)
Product Dimensions and Weights
LengthXND-4B: 252 (9.9in) | XND-4R and XND-8R: 482.6 (19in)
WidthXND-4B: 133mm (5.2in) | XND-4R and XND-8R: 136 (5.35in)
HeightXND-4B: 44.5mm (1.75 in) | XND-4R and XND-8R: 44.5mm (1.75 in) | 1 Rack Unit
Weight (Typ.)XND-4B: 1.1kg (2.43lb) | XND-4R: 1.6kg (3.53lb) | XND-8R: 1.8kg (4lb)
Shipping Dimensions and Weights
Weight (Typ.)
Electrical CertificationscETLus
XND_4-firmware_update_manual-v01-01.pdf550.55KB Download
XND_8-firmware_update_manual-v01-00.pdf551.42KB Download
XND_4-user_manual-v01-06.pdf1.17MB Download
XND_8-user_manual-v01-04 (1).pdf1.51MB Download
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