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Silicone Diffusers

Pull your flavour of ribbon into our Silicone Diffusers.

Brand: Project SSSHH Model: SILDIF-TAPE
This tape works perfectly to attach our Silicone Diffusers onto smooth surfaces. It is extremely flat and designed to adhere to silicone.Rolls are 60 yards (54.864m) and are long enough to adhere just short off 11 5m lengths of our Silicone Diffuser..
5m Curved Silicone Diffuser 5m Curved Silicone Diffuser
Core Product
Brand: Project SSSHH Model: 5M-SILDIF-001
Our curved silicone diffuser allows you to pull any of our single width ribbons into it, giving excellent soft and flexible lighting strips. Included with every roll are 6 mounting brackets and two sets of end caps.An inner and outer silicone diffusion layer keeps the extrusion extremely flexible wh..
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