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LED Dimming and Power

The most important parts of an LED system that provides flicker-free operation are the dimmers and power supplies.

The ProSpeed LED dimmers are the best in the business. The ProSpeed software was created in Canada, and the hardware was redesigned in Canada, to meet the stringent specifications required for flicker-free LED dimming on rolling shutter film cameras. The ProSpeed dimmers offer the lowest initial light intensity of any dimmer of its kind, giving you the ultimate control over intensity and a more complete colour gamut. The ProSpeed dimmer has tested camera safe at maximum frame-rates on the Arri 65, Arri Alexa and RED camera systems.

The Mean Well power supplies are extremely well built and reliable. They have very low ripple and noise which are both very important in a flicker-free LED dimming system. All of our power supplies are completely c-UL-us certified.

ProSpeed 4-LITE DMX LED Dimmer ProSpeed 4-LITE DMX LED Dimmer
Core Product
Brand: Project SSSHH Model: PS4-LITE
Introducing the ProSpeed 4-LITE DMX LED DimmerThe ProSpeed 4-LITE is a high speed flicker-free LED Dimmer, which offers extremely low and stable output levels. Controllable via DMX-512A protocol, or manually, the ProSpeed 4-LITE also supports Remote Device Management (RDM) when connected to..
Mean Well 12vDC 21a power supply Mean Well 12vDC 21a power supply
Core Product
Brand: Mean Well Model: GST280A12-C6P
The GST280A12-C6P power supply is a highly reliable 280W power supply with a single 6-pin Molex connector. At 12vDC the power supply provides 21a of DC power through a single 6-pin Molex connector which is ideally mated with the ProSpeed 4-LITE High Speed LED Dimmer.We supply the GST280A12-C6P with ..
Mean Well 12vDC 22a power supply
New Core Product
Brand: Mean Well Model: HLG-320H-12A
The Mean-Well HLG-320H-12A power supply is a highly reliable 12Vdc 264W power supply with a single 2 wire 12Vdc output.Features:Universal AC inputActive PFC functionLevel VI energy efficiency..
Cine-Value 5 LED Dimmer Cine-Value 5 LED Dimmer
New Core Product
Brand: Project SSSHH Model: CV-5-5
Introducing the Cine-Value 5 LED dimmer.Although the Cine-Value 5 does not have the low end performance, or a few of the other useful features that make our ProSpeed 4 such a fantastic dimmer, you will find the Cine-Value 5 just as capable as any of our competitors 5 channel LED dimmers. This dimmer..
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