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Swisson XMT-120A DMX Tester

Swisson XMT-120a
Swisson XMT-120a
Core Product
Swisson XMT-120a
Swisson XMT-120a
Swisson XMT-120A DMX Tester
  • Brand: Swisson
  • Model: XMT-120A
  • Ship Weight: 795.00g
  • Ship Dimensions: 9.00in x 6.00in x 4.00in
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Swisson XMT-120A DMX tester is very well built and has many useful functions. The device is very portable and it's rugged build quality fits comfortably into your hand. The XMT-120A's large graphical LCD screen is back-lit and is very easy to read. It is powered by a 9V battery (included) and can be plugged in permanently via any Micro USB adaptor.The XMT-120A-SET includes a belt case, a 3-pin to 5-pin adaptor and a 5-pin to 3-pin adaptor.

The XMT-120A can send and receive DMX data, as well as test DMX cables for continuity and shorts.

New features in the XMT-120A

  • Micro USB Port added to the unit for firmware updates, communication with PC and also enables powering the unit via Micro USB adaptor.
  • Channel Tracer function displays any DMX channels that have values that are changing. Great for tracing down that ghost in the system.
  • Control and test channels in groups ALL, 3rds and 4ths makes testing of large LED systems very easy
  • Flicker Finder and Min/Max displays for tracing DMX issues to the source
  • DMX Timings readout to debug possible issues stemming from your DMX source

Receive Mode

In receive (analyze) mode the XMT-120A can receive data from any active DMX line and the real-time values can be viewed in percent, decimal or hexadecimal format. You can view single channels, a grouping of 60 DMX values at the same time or all 512 channels at the same time.

Single Channel Mode

Table Mode (60 channels)

Graph Mode (entire DMX universe)

If any DMX errors occur the XMT-120A will display "ERROR" in the top right of the screen, if there is not DMX signal at all "NO SIGNAL" will be displayed.

The XMT-120A has an intelligent channel search function that will enable the unit to only display DMX values that have recently changed, this allows you to determine what DMX values your console is affecting when you bring up a channel.

Send Mode

In send mode the XMT-120A is capable of controlling any DMX device, from a simple dimmer to the most complex moving light. 32 separate lighting scenes (cues) can be recorded on the device allowing for quick access to pre-set levels.

It is also possible to combine these scenes and turn them into a sequence (chase) of up to 100 steps. The sequence speed and fade times can be easily changed as well.

Cable Testing

The XMT-120A is capable of testing both 5-pin and 3-pin DMX cable. The shield and all 5 (or 3) pins are checked for continuity and shorts and a graphical representation of any errors will be displayed.

DMX Cable Test Mode

Fixture Profiles and Binary Addressing

Fixture Profiles can be entered into the XMT-120A and, once patched, a visual representation of the current channel can be viewed at the bottom of the screen. This can help to indicate what channel of a fixture you are trying to affect with the X-MT-120.

Binary addressing for each channel can also be displayed as straight binary or binary +1. This allow you to check if your fixtures that use binary address switches are addressed properly very easily.

Fixture profiles can now be loaded and saved to the XMT-120A via PC software through the Micro USB port.

Fixture Profiles and Binary Address

Shipping Dimensions and Weights
Length9 inches (229mm)
Width6 inches (153mm)
Height4 inches (102mm)
Weight (Typ.)1.74lbs (783 grams)
Core Product
Inventory Core ProductYES
User_Manual-xmt-120A-v01-01.pdf995.08KB Download
User-Manual-Addl_flickerfinder.pdf36.67KB Download
xmt-120a_cutsheet.pdf280.22KB Download
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