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Cine-Value 5 LED Dimmer

Cine-Value 5 LED Dimmer
Cine-Value 5 LED Dimmer
  • Brand: Project SSSHH
  • Model: CV-5-1
  • Ship Weight: 485.00g
  • Ship Dimensions: 7.50cm x 3.75cm x 1.88cm

The Cine-value 5 is our "budget" LED decoder.

Although the Cine-value dimmers cannot match the low end performance of our Pro-Speed dimmers they are fully capable flicker-free LED dimmers safe to use on film and television sets. Our Cine-value line's performance is equal to our competitor's "higher end" 5 channel LED dimmers in every respect.

If budget is the only concern, these are the decoders for you.

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