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ProStick Wx1 12vDC LED Fixture.

ProStick Wx1 12vDC LED Fixture.
ProStick Wx1 12vDC LED Fixture.
  • Brand: Project SSSHH
  • Model: ProStick Wx1
  • Ship Dimensions: 6.00in x 1.00in x 0.30in

Available Options

The ProStick Wx1 LED fixture is available in multiple lengths, with your choice of LED Colour Engine.

Our high quality ProStick Wx1 fixtures are built to last, using our high quality ProColour LED ribbon as the light engine. They have fantastic colour rendition and can easily fit into tight places thanks to their low profile. Choose from high CRI Warm White (Tungsten), Cool White (Daylight) or Variable White ribbon or one of our multi-colour RGB+A, RGB+CW or RGB+WW led engines.

Our standard Wx1 configurations are as follows, all available in 6 inch, 1 foot, 1.5 foot, 2 foot, 3 foot or 4 foot:

  • Warm White (Tungsten)
  • Cool White (Daylight)
  • RGB+A
  • RGB+WW
  • RGB+CW

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 12vDC
  • Amperage
    • 6": 0.25a
    • 12": 0.5a
    • 24": 1.0a
    • 36": 1.5a
  • Colour Temperature:
    • 3000K (Tungsten)
    • 6000K (Daylight)
  • CRI: 95 - 98(Ra95 - Ra98) Daylight or Tungsten

Contact us for custom lengths.

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