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ProSpeed 16 DMX LED Dimmer - Weekly Rental

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ProSpeed 16 DMX LED Dimmer - Weekly Rental

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The ProSpeed 16 was purpose built from the ground up to allow flicker and banding free shooting at frame rates of 200fps (or higher) on professional rolling shutter digital and film cameras, and it has been a great success. It has even been successfully used on the Phantom camera at over 900fps.

We have managed to deliver exceptionally smooth dimming using only an 8-bit DMX channel with what we consider to be the most linear dimming of any LED dimmer on the market today. Looking for even finer steps? The quick flip of a dip switch changes all of the channels to true 16-bit dimmers (this uses two DMX channels per output.) You will be truly impressed with the resolution and smoothness of these dimmers in either 8-bit or 16-bit modes.

Flexibility is built into the design of the ProSpeed 16. The decision to go with external power supplies means that the user can chose to use power supplies of varying voltages (from 5vDC to 36vDC), and even run different voltages through the same dimmer. For example, you could hook up 24vDC power supplies to inputs A and B, and 12vDC power supplies to outputs C and D. This configuration will give you 8 (eight) 24vDC channels (1 through 8) and 8 (eight) 12vDC channels (9 through 16.) If you are only running a small load you can bridge the +vDC input connectors and have one power supply's amperage shared among all 16 outputs.

The dimmers are silent, and there are no fans to annoy the sound department.


  • 16 channels at maximum 8 amps per channel
  • 4 separate power supply inputs; one per 4 channel output grouping, or buss the hots to use one power supply for smaller loads.
  • DMX Controlled

The price displayed is for 1 week rental and includes:

  • 1 x ProSpeed 16 dimmer
  • 4 x12vDC 18a power supplies certified to CSA and UL standards (c-UL and UL) with adaptors for the DC output into the ProSpeed dimmer
  • 4 x 20a 5 conductor Phoenix Contact output conenctors allowing you to adapt to any wiring system you chose
  • 4 x Schaffner Locking AC cables (NEMA 15-5p to IEC) so you don't have to worry about them coming lose

Contact us for multi-week rental rates.

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