Using the latest in colour mixing led emitters, ProColour RGBA ribbon uses a single chip to deliver a full spectrum of bright colourful light. The additional Amber colour gives better colour depth and provides a more even distribution of colour.

At 72 emitters per meter we offer fantastic brightness with that even colour distribution.

Technical details:

  • Length of roll: 5 meters
  • Voltage: 12vDC
  • Colour Temperature: N/A - single chip multi colour R,G,B & A chip
  • CRI: N/A
  • 72 emitters per meter
  • 2.0 amps per meter
  • maximum length per segment*:
    • 16 feet (5m) per 5a channel
    • 25 feet (8m) per 8a channel
  • 3M adhesive backing tape

*We recommend calculating your maximum lengths and factor in any line loss from extension cables you are using.

RGBA 12vDC ProColour 72/m Ribbon

  • $180.00