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The German made Knipex 12 40 200 Knipex Self-Adjusting Wire Insulation Strippers are for single, multiple and fine stranded conductors with plastic or rubber insulation. The stripper adjusts automatically to the cable cross-section which prevents damage to the conductor. The cutting depth can be adjusted manually to account for different thicknesses of the insulation material.

The Knipex 12 40 200 is made to strip copper and aluminium wires up to 10mm² for multiple conductor stranded wire and up to 6mm² for single conductor stranded wire. The stripper can strip thin ribbon cables up to 10.0 mm width in a single pass.

The stripper body is made of light-weight fiberglass reinforced plastic and its smooth operating action makes the stripper a pleasure to use for long periods. The adjustable stripping depth stop is adjustable from 3.0mm to 18.0mm and makes consistent repeatable exposed connector lengths.

Knipex builds tools of the utmost quality. The stripping blades, clamping jaws and stripping depth stop are easily replaceable.

Technical Specifications:

Stripping Capacity (AWG): 32 - 7
Stripping Length Stop (mm): 3.0 - 18.0
Stripping Capacity (mm²): 0.03 - 10.0
Length: 200mm
Weight: 202g

Knipex 12 40 299 Self-Adjusting Insulation Stripper

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